Mast Health has developed an analytic platform (Meridian℠) that allows applications, services, and models to measure the efficiency of a healthcare revenue cycle. Meridian℠ allows a hospital or provider to isolate and measure revenue lift and yield due to factors such as transparent prices, payer liability, patient responsibility, and vendor performance over time and visualize and disseminate those results throughout the organization.

Analytic Applications
Analytic Applications
Analytic Consulting

More than ever, revenue cycle performance improvement must be based on and entirely driven by business intelligence in all stages of the Revenue Cycle.  Cash performance must evolve and improve in response to the changing landscape of healthcare. The necessary predicate to that improvement is an acute understanding of all the factors that impact and can reduce the profitability of actual cash collected. 

Meridian℠ comes with powerful analytic applications that allow revenue cycle leaders to slice and dice key data in order to make decisions and accurately forecast future earnings.  Meridian℠ demonstrates in precise numerical terms how your cash is performing, month-over-month and year-over-year.

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Learn how Meridian℠ helped a hospital prove their internal process improvement was working.

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Competitive Pricing Service (CPS)
Competitive Pricing

Pricing transparency is here. Make sure your best price is the one being displayed without losing revenue.

Meridian℠ has the ability to not only optimize prices, it can forecast revenue based on that new price accurately.

Transparent Pricing